10 Modern Bathroom Ideas And Designs For 2022

Since 2020, the coronavirus outbreak has halted many of our plans.  But bathroom renovations are more popular than ever.  Whatever circumstance you’re in, don’t let that keep you from dreaming big about your next bathroom renovation.  So, to assist you in achieving your desired bathroom, we’ve compiled a list of 10 contemporary bathroom ideas for 2022 and beyond.

1.       Make it Lively and Warm – Wood Color Bathroom:

In terms of colour choices, bathroom decor or restroom decor might be difficult. White appears to be a safe bet, but isn’t it too simple to design the room? As a result, this bathroom mainly uses natural textures with white accents. The wood grain gives the entire area a warm atmosphere, making it a relaxing environment for you to unwind.

2.       Classic Texture Stays Forever – Shaker Style Bathroom:

Looking for a long-lasting design? A shaker-style bathroom is the best option. This classic door style complements a broad range of household items, including bathroom vanities. If you search for bathroom design ideas on Houzz, for example, you will see that many of the first page shows are shaker-type concepts. This design has been popular for decades and continues to be so today.

3.       Simple But Functional – Shower Room with Sauna:

If you have more than enough space for a bathroom suite, here is an attractive bathroom you could like. This bathroom has no elaborate design, and the cabinets are plain in style. However, it is incredibly adaptable for everyday use. It has a bathroom vanity, shower enclosure, toilet, and sauna, allowing you to heal completely.

4.       Compact and Practical – Small Bathroom Décor:

Small bathroom design ideas are sometimes linked with cramped quarters and discomfort. Nonetheless, as seen above, modest bathroom designs may be inventive and lovely. The most important aspect of designing a small bathroom is to keep it light. Colours that are soft and light may make a bathroom look larger than it is. Choosing glass and mirrors can also assist to open up the area.

5.       Elegant and Graceful – Dark Modern Bathroom:

The beautiful black bathroom decor is priceless. Because the room is black, an accent colour will stand out against the gloomy tone. Balance is required in little black bathroom designs. Excessive or inadequate black tones might devastate the entire design. As a result, the keynote should be black, but light colours should be employed in the details to avoid the room being dreary and sad. To give your bathroom a modern, beautiful atmosphere, choose brown grain features like the bathroom cabinet above.

6.       Maximally Using Corner – Half Bath Design:

The half bath, as the name indicates, contains just half of the functionality of a bathroom, such as a toilet and a sink. This type of bathroom design is also known as guest bathroom design or powder room design. The grey colour palette gives this half-bath design a typical modern touch. Corner bathroom storage cabinets also assist to conserve space. This little bathroom design is excellent for a guest room or a second bathroom.

7.       Luxurious and Versatile – Gray Laundry-Bathroom Combo:

This design merges the bathroom with a laundry room to make the space more adaptable and useful. This type of design increases the space’s efficacy and efficiency. Furthermore, the blue-grey tint has become popular this year. With rich golden highlights and an illuminated cabinet system, it is perhaps the most sumptuous bathroom design to date.

8.       Stylish and Space-saving – Mirrored Vanity Bathroom:

A mirrored bathroom vanity is an alternative to a wall-mounted mirror. The bathroom area is properly used while also being elegant with this combo. The mirror doors give the impression that the bathroom is larger than it is. Bringing these mirrored bathroom vanities into your house is an amazing method to add a bit of glitz to the bathroom.

9.       Peaceful Serenity – Zen Bathroom Design:

Zen, which is about portraying a feeling of harmony and balance, is becoming increasingly fashionable in interior design recently. Because the bathtub bathroom is the most peaceful location in the house, Zen style, and bathroom design may be a wonderful combination. All of the colours in this zen bathroom design are bright and gentle to help you relax. You can really feel your tension and exhaustion dissipate as you soak in the tub.

10.   Master Bathroom Remodel – Double Vanity Bathroom:  

According to the 2019 U.S. Houzz bathroom trend report, more and more homeowners are opting for double vanity bathrooms when redesigning their master bathrooms. This type of bathroom design is most commonly chosen by married couples. Bathrooms with twin sinks significantly reduce morning traffic. Furthermore, sharing a bathroom with a partner is now a practical and romantic option.


We have a lot of fresh contemporary bathroom ideas at Banyo, so if you’re looking for anything special, don’t forget to look at our other inspiring bathroom ideas.

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