9 Kitchen Layouts – Floor Plans & Ideas

The kitchen is the central point of a house. No matter whether you are building a new kitchen or renovating the old one, the overall look requires to be created in an appealing and exquisite manner. There are a few important points that need to be kept into consideration for reflecting the perfect design. As the kitchen is the focal point of your property, it needs to be spacious and smartly planned to give a proper layout. The décor element must not be neglected and you should always consider the spacious design for fitting the appliances and other essential things for attaining a beautiful kitchen pattern.

When it comes to the incorporation of important aspects in a kitchen’s layout, there are a number of things that need to be considered such as cabinets, tiles, color scheme, kitchen sink appliances, etc. These all are part of a working kitchen but the main point is the overall layout to make a kitchen functional and efficient. Other things for styling and aesthetics are secondary to the kitchen layout.

Here are a few ideas for using the kitchen area in the best possible way to give your kitchen a beautiful look by using most of its space.

1. Square Shaped kitchen

Having a square-shaped kitchen, you can utilize the space in such a way that has a dining area in the middle. This type of kitchen is designed in a U-shaped arrangement. The long countertops let the person prepare and cook with ease. The cooking station is at one end. The kitchen sink is one of the adjunct counters for a comfortable cleaning and cooking experience. To keep things organized, the open and closed rectangular cabinets serve well.  

Square Shaped kitchen

2. Rectangular Shape kitchen

If you are having an open kitchen, a minimalist design of a rectangular-shaped kitchen will be best suited to your space. This layout makes the kitchen look larger. The table is placed next to the window, so the kitchen has three walls for plentiful storage. If you want to design your kitchen that can work in the best manner by adjusting with the lounge or a living room, this layout is a good-to-go choice.

Rectangular Shape kitchen

3. L-Shaped kitchen

To enhance the storage area, the L-shaped kitchen is a beautiful design. You get enough space to prepare the food and move easily, without having a sense of congested kitchen space. This design uses all four walls of the kitchen with the central area being an L-shaped look. It makes a triangle layout of the fridge, cooking unit, and the kitchen sink in a decent-looking manner. 

L-Shaped kitchen

4. Close Kitchen Layout

To have sufficient storage capacity and the facility of working with ease, you can have a layout that uses two walls on opposite ends. You can easily have anything on both sides that you need for your kitchen chores. It gives a dining area at one end and on the other side, there is a laundry room, making it easy for you to walk through comfortably and giving a sense of connectivity.

Close Kitchen Layout

5. Peninsular Layout Kitchen 

Giving a spacious look in modern kitchens, this peninsular layout uses the kitchen’s available space in a way that works as a dining area by extending it into a baking area and the kitchen sink is adjacent to it. By having the dining space in the middle, the surrounding area serves well for moving in the kitchen with ease.

Peninsular Layout Kitchen

6. Laundry room with a kitchen

To utilize the space in a more advantageous way, the layout of connecting a tiny laundry room with a kitchen can be designed to use the whole area for different purposes. This layout is an L-shaped design that has an attached counter. This counter extends in the chair and table arrangement. Then it gets a U-shaped design for the sake of functionality and to give a pleasing look. The sink and the cooktop are spaced out obliquely for ease in kitchen chores.

Laundry room with a kitchen

7. Traditional U-shaped kitchen

For a modern look, the traditional U-shaped kitchen layout is along one wall having two dining arrangements. The vertical windows serve for bringing bright light into your kitchen and making it airy and look bright. This open kitchen gives a spacious look that accommodates everything in it by providing ease and comfort in the form of a roomy layout.

Traditional U-shaped kitchen

8. Modified U-shaped design Kitchen

A modified U-shaped design with an attached island counter works in the best manner for your kitchen area. The prominent feature is the vertical structure support that works well as a separator for storage cabinets and working areas. The huge windows allow the sunlight to make the space look bright. This open U-planned layout offers enough dining area for your kitchen.

Modified U-shaped design Kitchen

9. G-shaped layout Kitchen

The L shape layout allows the countertops space to connect with the storage that is on both sides of the shape L. Then it gives a G-shaped layout in this way by providing a cooking unit and double sink installed side by side in the central position of the counter. One arm of the shape L serves as an open counter to prepare your food and the above-installed massive window allows fresh air and bright light to make the kitchen area airy and glowing.

G-shaped layout Kitchen


The best layout is the one that offers an aesthetic taste as well as functionality by giving ease in performing the kitchen chores and enough storage for a clutter-free look. The space must be utilized wisely to give a modern and airy pattern to the overall kitchen area. Liking our Ideas? Check out more ideas for Kitchen and bathrooms designs 2022.

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