How to download video from tamildhool

Are you looking to download a video from tamildhool? Don’t know how to download the tamildhool Vijay tv video? No need to worry. Here you get a guide to follow the steps.

Although Tamildhool has played a specific role in recent years, the world has experienced an increasing interest in video. Tamildhool has a diverse range of products, including TV series and movies. With several new things happening, such as new releases you can now download videos from this software.

Why use Tamildhool to download videos?

Most users who want to know the methods to use Tamildhool with high-speed internet access or limited or slow internet or who want to watch offline need this procedure to get Tamildhool Vijay tv to download videos and play them offline.

Here are two ways to download TamilDhool videos from the same website, but in different ways.

Download Videos from TamilDhool On MAC [Direct From TamilDhool Website]

The following steps are part of the direct video download method on the TamilDhool website.

Follow them carefully; don’t skip any if you want the right results.

Step 1: If you know the active web address for TamilDhool, use that. If not, look for the Tamildhool homepage.

Step 2: Once the site is open, go to “movie or tv” and click on the Tamil video you want to watch.

Step 3: Choose Tamil Movie to make sure this software works. When I click on the movie poster, a button with a link to download the movie comes up, and you can also get it on TamilDhool.

Step 4: Click the “Downloading” button to start the process of downloading.

Step 5: Now, wait! The download speed depends upon your internet speed.

Step 6: As soon as the downloading finishes, you can now watch your Tamil movie.

Note; – that the above method will also work on the web browser for Windows PC.

Additionally, any tamildhool Vijay tv fans are sometimes unable to find the download button in the official TamilDhool URL, or the link to the download button goes somewhere else. So, in that case, we had another way to download TamilDhool videos that are a bit longer but work on MAC computers.

There is a tamildhool app apk download option for Android users. If you want to use Android, you should use the TamilDhool app.

Important: If you find any streaming content with a copyright statement. It is illegal and might not work in your country. Consider this article just a source of information about how far people go in the digital world to find entertainment.

Mac users can get videos from TamilDhool. [Tamildhool Downloader is free to download]

This method is complicated, but it’s easy to download. All you have to do is follow the steps in order.

Step#1. First, make sure your MACOS is ready to download “free download tamildhool downloader.” Get FLV MAC When the download is done, click to install and run the Software.

Step 2: Go to and play your favorite TamilDhool video. In the meantime,

  • copy the URL, and GetFLV will automatically find your spoofed Tamildool URL.
  • Go to Software and that URL will be in the list of URLs.

To start the download,

  • use the right mouse button to click on the list’s URL and click on the “download” button.

Step 3: The screenshot will show you that you can also keep an eye on the file when it is downloading. There is a setting called “x normal download speed” that lets you speed up the download. You can watch that video while it’s downloading with GetFLV’s built-in player, and if the download stops for any reason, you can start it up again or take care of it yourself.

Step 4: Once the video is downloaded, click on the downloaded file and then click on “show folder” to find the exact folder where the TamilDhool video is downloaded. Play the video and enjoy it.

Note: This software has got updated to include the ability to record video. You play the video from Tamildhool’s online streaming site, then go to Software and click on Video Capture > New Record to get the software that you need. It will start to record the video you are currently watching on your screen.


You can download videos from the TamilDhool app for Android phones and tablets.

Users of Android phones and tablets can now also watch TamilDhool by installing the TamilDhool app apk download on their phone or tablet. There is no official TamilDhool app in the Google Play Store, but you can still use this app as you would with any other third-party Android app.

Information about TamilDhool APK:

  • Last changed: August 1, 20
  • Size: 3.8M
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Apps, Entertainment
  • Requires Android: 4.2 and up

Step 1: To download Tamil, click on Download APK.

Step 2: If you use an Android device to download the apk file, the file will be in the Download folder. If you use a MAC PC web browser to download the TamilDhool APK file, connect your Android device to the MAC PC with a data cable and copy the APK file into your Android device.

Step 3: Since this app isn’t official, you can’t open-source it from your Android phone or tablet before you install it.

Step 4: Now, go to the TamilDhool APP APK file you want to install on your Android device. Follow the instructions on the screen of your device to finish the installation.

Step 5: Once the app is installed, the TamilDhool icon will appear in your App room. Tap on it to open the app and watch TamilDhool on your Android device.

In the end, that’s all you need to know about “How To Download Videos From Tamildhool On MAC” for now. If you get any troubleshooting, it could be that the source isn’t right.

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