How to work on Amazon in Pakistan

  • Mr. PM calls it enormous development to boost the economy.
  • Exporters will be able to sell their products online through Amazon the whole world.

This is considered to be a new era of e-commerce in Pakistan and people already working on this platform are happy to expand their business and produce more benefits, jobs,s and a lovely image of Pakistan in the e-commerce market. Many e-commerce gurus have worked a lot on this assignment to make it happen and help succeed Pakistani with good kitchen income.

Pakistan was added to Amazon’s approved seller list.

Our special thanks to Mr. Shaikh Kashif Ali aka Sunny Ali from Extreme Commerce (EC) and Mr. Saqib Azhar from Enablers Org. for providing the Pakistani youth with this beautiful opportunity to buy and sell directly with foreign clients.

In addition, to the sellers list Amazon’s sellers’ list will produce opportunities for exporters to sell their products through the platform. This offers Amazon’s 3 P model which serves brands owners (third party relationship – retailers sell directly to buyers through this e-commerce marketplace) on the other hand 1 P model is for mass producers of items (marketplace works as retailers while brands are a wholesale supplier), who wants to produce for Amazon brand items.

Many Pakistani companies were first selling on Amazon through their overseas offices. This inclusion in the seller list will improve more chances for local sellers to sell on Amazon and get their products to a foreign market and have access to all Amazon target audiences.

Keeping in mind Amazon will soon open seller registration for Pakistani companies.

Amazon’s business is huge as it takes around 300-400 billion dollars in sales every year. India and China are massive sellers of goods on Amazon from this Asia region.

Selling on Amazon you need to care about the customer satisfaction level if customers are not satisfied you will have to bear the consequences.

  • Account suspension
  • Account block
  • Bad reviews
  • DropShipping issues

Business to consumer (B2C) and business to business and consumers is the new cross-border e-commerce form of business that will now become popular in Pakistan.

Pakistani products available for sale on Amazon are mostly textile, sports, and medical equipment.

Commerce advisor Dawood tweeted this:

We have finally made it. Amazon will be adding Pakistan to its sellers’ List within a few days. We have been engaged with Amazon since last year and now it’s happening.

“It is a great opportunity for our youth, SMEs, and women entrepreneurs. An important milestone of e-Commerce policy achieved has been through teamwork by many people across the globe.”

Elaborating further, the major sources told adding to list differences occur would be ease in creation of account ids, setting up small business companies, agencies through Pakistani banks.

Moreover, it will boost our economy and provide an opportunity for SME youth and women entrepreneurs to explore themselves in a big giant e-commerce market.

China’s total revenue through Amazon

China has massive sellers on Amazon covering around 75% of it and India also had sellers on Amazon. China and India are generating huge revenue by working on Amazon and both countries landed more than 2bn dollars last year.

Real e-commerce worth expanded in Covid-19 pandemic when everything was shut down to prevent this disease then e-commerce market gained boom and the WFH feature applied gave significant rise to e-commerce sales as many people who don’t know about online shopping turned towards it.

The Commerce Ministry stated that: Pak Post is automating their setup for delivering across the globe and they have urged private companies from all scales to boost their business because Government will provide full support to lift this digital billion dollars e-commerce industry.

This is additionally a business opportunity for advertising specialist organizations to create Pakistani brands, content, and quality pictures for Pakistani sellers. The Intellectual Property Organization has likewise been taken installed to accelerate the brand registration process.

A year ago in June, the Ministry of Commerce had said it had imparted the names of 38 exporters to Amazon for enlistment to advance exchange and investigate new business sectors for Pakistani exporters.

All work began on worldwide connectivity after the e-commerce business strategy was approved by the government bureau toward the finish of 2019. The National internet business Council (NeCC), a representative body from the public and private sectors, was comprised to viably execute the arrangement.

Mr. PM tweeted about Amazon in Pakistan:

Meanwhile, Mr. Prime Minister has endorsed this effort and welcomed the development.

“A great development as Amazon has finally approved that our sellers can export their goods through their system. Amazon starting operations in Pak will open opportunities for our youth as it will enable a new breed of young men & women entrepreneurs to join the export market.”

Imran Khan (PM)

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