All Major Google Core Algorithm Updates

Panda (February 23, 2011)

Panda is the official name of the Google algorithm designed to reduce the prevalence of low-quality, lean
content in the search results, and to present enormous and totally unique content. This google algorithm
gives pages a high-quality result for user information with available data satisfaction. Google Panda was
designed to build new quality content and provide users with accurate information eliminating filler
words, fold ads, low-quality data information websites, and particularly improving the user experience
related to content and checking whether data information is plagiarized or not and present websites on top
indexing with original content.

Penguin (24 April 2012)

Google Penguin was more technical had very updated features and was developed for better results with
useful information users hitting exact queries and providing exact results its main purpose was to eliminate
the spam sites containing false information. It also had the capability to handle queries from users in
different languages rather than English. Google Panda rolled many stable updates from time to time to
make the system run smoothly and spam, irrelevant links, and suspicious information are neglected and top
exact results should appear.

Page layout Algorithm (January 19, 2012)

Keeping in mind the ads disturbance on websites when a user queries for some useful information instead
of getting the required information the user gets a bunch of useless ads and annoys a lot and causes
user to leave the website and a bad impression marked for that particular website to overcome this Google
launched page layout algorithm for better user experience and this algorithm impacted sites that
showed too many ads on the website and from time to time updates were rolled out for better
experience of ads on website.

Hummingbird (August 20, 2013)

Users were facing many difficulties at that particular time when they were about to query something on
Google most of the time relevant results did not pop on screen. To overcome this irrelevant search issue
Google decided to launch Google Hummingbird Algorithm to provide users with exact results for what
they are looking for. Hummingbird Algorithm provides exact query results with micro-moments and
has Google answer contextual questions the resulting user query is searching. This Algorithm also saved
time for internet users. The hummingbird algorithm focuses on three components for the searching mechanism:

SEO Algos

  • Conventional Search (Uses Natural Language Processing ‘NLP’ to search for all kinds of user
  • ● Human Search (Like searching for who is captain of the Brazil Football Team)
  • ● Voice Search (Like searching for Thai Food via voice input)
    Payday (2013)

With the increase in search of queries from users about loans, interest loans and payday loans, porn and
other high spammed queries are mostly associated with shady industries. Google potentially launched this
Payday Algorithm to display exact results because it brought in false news and website target audience
was not getting what they were looking for. Two things majorly affect by these are spammy queries with
spammy sites. With timely core updates, the Payday Algorithm got better and included great protection
against negative SEO attacks.

Google hummingbird algorithm pdf

Mobile (2015)

With this, every updating technology mobile has become an essential part of every business and has
become the most important block of transformation and billions of daily queries are searched through
mobile platform. Developers are working and pushing updates to develop friendly SEO for mobile users
and provide them with exact results related to web-based results with enhancing keywords search,
improving UX, improving website loading request and response, responsive and better UI for better
understand of content information.

RankBrain (October 26, 2015)

As far as I understand Google wanted to transform the query mechanism and wanted to be very precise
with results of searching what user types in a form of query for this, they launched the RankBrain Algorithm
and developing it with machine learning making it easy for computer databases to understand the query
and come up with an exact solution for the user. Google implemented this silently and this technique seriously
change the search results effectively and got better with updates over time.

Medic (2018)

Google’s Medic Update was a push for the search engine to help improve the recognizable proof of
power and content expertise on the web. This is done through the algorithm’s core ranking variables to
guarantee that quality, legitimate and master content is getting positioned in the indexed lists. Many
B2B websites faced this update, and their business listed rankings fall-down from defined indexed lists.
This update majorly hit the health, medical, legal, and financial site’s rankings. If you think you have effect
by this update you should need to fix some things which will help you to hold on to better rankings.

Bert (2019)

Bert is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach used to search results on full statements of
questions in addition to different searching terminologies. It has the ability to come up with exact
solutions with the power of the NLP Algorithm considered a very powerful Algorithm for data searching
and result provides. It helps google understand natural language text from the web and come up with exact
search solutions from the web. Google has also open-sourced this technology for better version updates and
modifications to give exact results in no time.

May 2022 Core Update

particles! Do you love ’em? Well, we’ve great news for you!

That’s right, the May 2022 Google broad core update has definitively impacted multiple snippet types for SERPs, like FAQ particles and featured particles.

FAQ snippets on SERPs appeared nearly 23 more frequently following Google’s May 2022 broad core update than ahead.

That means FAQs are showing up on Google Search nearly 23 more frequently than ahead. That’s huge! allowed, the source data, from Rank Ranger, groups FAQ particles and how-to particles together.

May 2022 core update. As a memorial, the May 2022 core update started to roll out at about 1130a.m. ET on May 25, 2022. This update took 9 days to roll out after it was announced, it finished rolling out on June 9, 2022.

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