Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality Statement
The security of our user’s personal information is a top priority here at, which may be accessed at Information collected and stored by, along with how we utilise that data, is detailed in this Privacy Policy document.
If you have any further questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us.
The only information shared and/or collected in connection with mind optimise by visitors is covered by this Privacy Policy. This policy does not apply to information acquired outside of this website. We created our company’s Privacy Policy using the free Privacy Policy Generator.

The use of our website constitutes your agreement to our Privacy Policy.
Our observations
We will make explicit what information is requested and why when requesting your personal information.
You might be able to tell us more about yourself if you contact us directly. It might be everything from your name and email address to your phone number and the contents of any messages or files you send us.
During the Account registration process, we may need your name, company name, address, email address, and phone number.
Our use of your data
Our website is provided, operated, and maintained; we improve, personalize, and expand it; we study and analyse how you use it; we develop new products, services, features, and functionality; and we communicate with you directly or through one of our partners regarding customer service, website updates, and other information. Such messages may also be used for advertising and promotional purposes.
Emails should include details
Fraud detection and prevention
Recent Events Archive
To ensure that content from mind optimiseis presented in the most effective manner, log files are used. Users leave these files behind when they visit websites. Analytics sections of hosting services follow this standard procedure. An IP address, browser type, ISP, date/time stamp, referring page, and clicked items are some examples of information that can be gleaned from a log file. There is no connection between these and anything that could identify you. As part of this process, we also collect the following information in order to assess usage patterns, identify technical issues, monitor traffic patterns throughout the site, and compile demographic information about our users.
Cookies and other tracking technologies used online
It’s no secret that uses ‘cookies,’ the same tracking technology used by millions of other websites. Information such as the user’s preferred settings and the pages of the website they have visited can be stored in these cookies. We can improve our users’ experiences by tailoring the content of our webpages to their specific browser and/or other preferences.
Cookies with the DoubleClick, or DART, Tracking Technology from Google
Our site uses Google as a third-party vendor. We use DART cookies to display advertisements tailored to our visitors’ browsing histories across and the internet. However, site visitors who go to the Google ad and content network Privacy Policy (available at can opt out of having DART cookies placed on their browsers.

Affiliated Advertising

The advertisers that choose to display on our site may employ tracking technologies such as cookies and web beacons. Listed below are some of the companies who help us with advertising. Depending on how they handle user information, each of our advertising partners has a different Privacy Policy. We have provided links to their respective Privacy Policies for your convenience.

• Google
Policies Regarding Personal Information Storage and Disclosure by Advertisement Partners
Each advertising partner of is included here, along with a link to their respective Privacy Policies.
A third-party ad server or ad network may deliver ads and links directly to users’ browsers using tracking technologies like cookies, JavaScript, and Web Beacons. Your IP address will be automatically obtained when this occurs. In order to gauge the success of their advertising campaigns and/or tailor the advertising content you encounter on the websites you visit, these tools are employed.
Please be aware that mind optimisedoes not use or manage any of these third-party cookies.
Privacy Statements of Other Websites
The Privacy Statement of does not cover the practises of third-party advertisers or websites. For more information, please review the Privacy Policies of these ad serving companies directly. It’s possible that details about their procedures and how to decline may be provided.
Your browser’s settings will allow you to disable cookies if you want. You can visit the websites of the browsers themselves in order to learn more about cookie management.
Protecting my privacy under the CCPA (Don’t sell my personal information)
Among the many protections afforded to California residents by the CCPA is the right to demand information about what kinds of data a company has gathered from them and what information the company has collected about them.
You have the right to request that a company erase any and all information they may have stored about you.
Any company that collects your personal information from you has the right to stop doing so.
Our response time is one month after you make a request. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to make use of any of these rights.
The GDPR protects the privacy rights of individuals
We want to make sure you are aware of all of the control you have over your personal information. Users are guaranteed the following:
Upon request, you can access your personal information. This service may be subject to a nominal fee.
You have the right to rectification, which means you can ask us to change any data you think is inaccurate. Please let us know if any gaps exist in the data we have provided.
Depending on the circumstances, you may have the right to request erasure of your personal information.
You may restrict how your personal information is used at your request.
Objection to processing – In limited circumstances, you may object to our processing of your personal data.
The right to transfer a person’s personal data to another company is available to all individuals. There are, however, some caveats.
Our response time is one month after you make a request. Feel free to contact us if you would like to take advantage of any of these rights.
Kids’ Encyclopedia
As well as improving safety for kids online, we are committed to protecting them. In order to help their children develop safe and positive habits online, parents should supervise their children’s online activities. does not solicit or collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If you suspect your child has provided us with information on our website, please contact us immediately. Any such data will be swiftly deleted from our system by us.
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